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Thesis project for the MS in Product Design;

Genoma is a systemic design strategy for the fabrication of a typo-footwear through rapid manufacturing technologies thanks to the advantages of the Algorithms-Aided Design. Starting from a 3D survey of the foot, the code (Grasshopper) will generate the parametric shoe, using advanced digital dna techniques to meet the perfect fit and exclusivity. The final output is a full custom shoe designed on and with the prosumer.


The source code is flexible enough to be implemented with different type of template designed by fashion designers.
The possibilities are infinite, the discretization is unique: like our genoma. The final aim is to recollect the true meaning of design: the work and the people behind it, for each single steps of the project, as the power driving the tools of the Industry 4.0.

Project selected for the stage of Patenting organized by the Lab. Sapienza Design Factory and selected by Regione Lazio for the Maker Faire Rome 2016 exhibition.

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