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The main goal of the project is to understand and transfer the guitarmaking process into an assisted design system that can harness the creativity of the craftman. The grasshopper code will generate a digital model of the guitar, easy to produce with cnc milling. The design is then integrated in the source code and ready to be fabricated in an file-to-factory optic. Kabuto's design is a tribute to japan and to the traditional japanese 3-string guitar (shamisen).

Kabuto is a very compact neck-through-body (90cm) made in mahogany and maple.

The final design is just one result of almost infinite possible iterations.

It was exhibited at the Maker Faire Rome 19 and presented at Yamaha's design HQ.

Kabuto's playability is very peculiar and fun.

Users feedback was really important to gather: every single part of the guitar is parametrized and customizable according to the user preferences.

The guitar is very compact but easy to play (as Goro-san shows in the pictures above).

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